Ecce homo


Saint Sebastian appears rather unconcerned by his wounds in this contemporary version by Yves De Brabander, part of his Ecce Homo series which reworks some recurrent themes from western art history.

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4 thoughts on “Ecce homo”

  1. Evan: that’s surprising but then the idea isn’t that wildly original in the first place, plenty of other photographers have co-opted poses from paintings. I try and give people the benefit of the doubt in these instances, having had occasion myself to “copy” things I’d seen and then forgotten about. It’s a bizarre thing when it happens; you know you didn’t copy anything consciously and yet there it is. Also troubling when you know that few people will believe your protestations of innocence!

    Mr Kenneth: you local sounds like it’s worth a visit.

  2. I think the term is cryptomnesia, John. Unintentional plagiarism. I just thought the coincidental title Ecce Homo was worth noting. You’re right– it’s not only a common photographic practice, but the pun is so overt that it begs to be used and used again. I like EOW’s work more, but there’s some nice stuff in De Brabander’s series. I especially like Hyacinth killed by an errant frisbee.

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