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How the West was written

How the West was written | Dario Argento and his work for Once Upon a Time in the West.



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  1. #1 posted by 3lbFlax


    Great! I especially love the last three sentences, reminding us that Argento has a firm understanding of the (potential) presence of film. But then Suspiria is my cathedral.

    Imagine the Argento/Bertolucci script ‘full of fantasies’ being published in facsimile. I’d learn Italian for that.

  2. #2 posted by John


    Given that Once Upon a Time… is one of my favourite films, I’d never considered Argento’s youth (obvious when you think about it) when he was working on this. Christopher Frayling in his great study Spaghetti Westerns goes into some detail looking at the film’s numerous cinematic sources.






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