Einar Nerman


left: No title or date; right: Joker from a playing card set (1924).

A recent post by Silent-Porn-Star draws my attention to Swedish illustrator and cartoonist Einar Nerman (1888–1983) whose work I don’t recall having come across before. There isn’t much available to see online unfortunately, a shame as SPS’s posting of a 1926 cigarette ad shows a distinct Beardsley influence. Nerman seems known chiefly today for his caricatures of Greta Garbo, one of which was used on a commemorative postage stamp in 2005.


Greta Garbo.

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5 thoughts on “Einar Nerman”

  1. Thanks for the pad tip, that’s a better one than a rather primitive thing I saw a while back. I especially like the splatter effect, seems a more interesting way of building up a picture than using a brush. I often wish Photoshop had that kind of random setting you could apply to its brushes.

  2. I have several Einar Nerman originls and sell L.E prints on my website. A classic cartoonist and some lovely paintings of children. email me or see my web site. Dave

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