Bugger Boy


I think we’d guess the content even without the illustration. I love the phallic arch; no doubt if this was a Gothic style it would be Perpendickular (ouch!). From a collection of gay pulp novels at Homobilia. In a similar fashion there’s a page of book covers at Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy’s Flickr collection which I see is now discontinued following copyright warnings from the Yahoo! watchdogs. Bugger Flickr, say I. Finally, let’s not forget the splendid Gay on the Range.

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3 thoughts on “Bugger Boy”

  1. How come the faces of the men in the background are suffused with joy when he’s got a towel draped over his assets (and they can’t see what we can see, unless there’s a mirror behind him)?

    Surely the prudes at Yahoo could just stick an “adult content” warning on those Flickr photos? That’s what Google do with Blogger blogs with explicit content.

  2. Maybe it’s a peep-hole towel?

    The Flickr problem was evidently one of copyrighted material being posted although there’s more than enough of that going on elsewhere on the site. There’s also plenty of hardcore porn there now which they don’t seem bothered about presumably because you need to agree to no censoring before you can see it. I think they singled out Ms Thunderpussy for the quantity of images more than anything else.

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