4 thoughts on “Of course Tintin’s gay. Ask Snowy”

  1. Well, the comments of the post of Parris show it’s more an intellectual game than a solid theory. The big problem of his “proofs” is that he does not know anything about the history of children litterature in Europe in the XIX and beginning of the XX. In this case, most of Jules Vernes heroes are gay… and the totality of the first comics characters in Europe.
    I saw a comment saying: “He is french, so it’s not surprising he is gay”. Well, Tintin is Belgium…

  2. Well, after reading the comment again, I must admit it’s not obvious is says “French are naturally gays”. Maybe it says “French people behave strangely” :-)

  3. I wouldn’t take Parris’s piece too seriously, he enjoys being provocative. His comment about Peter Mandelson refers to the time when he stated on TV that Mandelson (a government minister) was gay, something that Mandelson’s colleagues and much of the press knew very well but which no one had openly declared.

    People thinking Tintin is French is a common error, especially in Britain. Very lazy.

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