Further farewells


Harold Pinter and Eartha Kitt.

2008: the year that keeps on taking.

The Guardian has a copious collection of Pinter pieces including Michael Billington’s lengthy obituary. Eartha Kitt was just as unique in her own way, prompting Orson Welles in the 1950s to call her “the most exciting woman in the world”. For my sister and I a decade later she was the most exciting Catwoman in the world and that’s how I’ll remember her. But let’s not forget those Cha-Cha Heels

Eartha’s frivolity might seem to jar beside Pinter’s moral and political seriousness but the World Socialist Web Site managed to link the pair with a priceless headline, Harold Pinter and Eartha Kitt, artists and opponents of imperialist war. Their article tells you a few things about Eartha that many of the obituaries would have ignored. I’m sure Pinter would have been proud to hear of her speaking her mind at the White House. The world is a smaller place when talents and voices like these are gone.

3 thoughts on “Further farewells”

  1. The year that keeps taking, indeed! today is the 30th, tomorrow the last day of the year. Will there be any more losses? Let’s hope not.
    If I was never a great aficionado of Pinter (I didn’t know his work all that well) I was crazed about Catwoman back in the 60’s, although more of a Julie Newmar buff. But I loved Heather, too, and not just because I’ve always had a thing about black girls…
    Well, ao much for a wet dream… RIP Harould and Heather.

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