Forever Changes by Jim Lambie


Nothing to do with the late Arthur Lee, well…not directly anyway. I love the contrast between the dizzying floor design (created with vinyl tape) and the rather dour Corinthian columns in Jim Lambie’s installation. I believe the Flickr photo above shows the work being prepared.

Forever Changes, which also includes some of the artist’s playful sculptures, is at the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, as part of the Glasgow International arts festival until September 29, 2008. A review for The Scotsman describes some of its details. Lambie likes his floor coverings, having previously produced dazzlingly vibrant works such as ZOBOP which you can see being created in a little time-lapse movie here.

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  1. The photograph does show the work being prepared, we were there two days before the exhibition opened and the only view into the space where they were installing the piece was from a very small window that was part of another piece of work.

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