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There’s calligraphy and then there’s fraktur extravaganzas such as this….

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  1. #1 posted by Thombeau


    This is crazy. I love it!

  2. #2 posted by xtiaan


    that would make an awesome tat

  3. #3 posted by John


    Maybe on your back. Would need a lot of empty skin to show all of that detail.

  4. #4 posted by Arturo


    Do you have this pic in a bigger size? I want to get a tat of it on my back, My Last name is Madrid so it’s perfect for me! Madrid is the capital of Spain by the way.

  5. #5 posted by John


    Hi Arturo. The largest version is at the place I found it here. Good luck with the tattoo if you do get it done!

  6. #6 posted by Arturo


    Thanks John!
    The size you found is bigger than I expected, it’s perfect though.
    Is there anywhere else I can find these letters though?

  7. #7 posted by John


    This looks to me like a unique piece and I certainly haven’t seen any similar examples online. There are many calligraphy books around although few feature examples as extravagant as this. I think you’d need to contact a museum or find a museum catalogue.

  8. #8 posted by Ilyas


    What is the meaning of this tattoo?
    Kind Regards,

  9. #9 posted by John


    It’s not a tattoo, it’s a capital M draw on a sheet of paper as a calligraphy exercise.

  10. #10 posted by Mamie Velez


    This is something that Master Penmans Michael Sull and Jake Weidmann would be able to create with ease!

  11. #11 posted by christopher daniggelis


    I would like to know what collection this image is part of and the name and date of the artist, it doesn’t look like paul franck, but looks penn-german? can anyone help.






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