The art of Laurie Hassold


left: Bent Fork (The Beginning of Hunger) (2007).
right: Strange Attractor IV: Zygomorph (2006).

“My core interest in making art lies in blurring the boundaries between art, science, literature and psychology,” says Laurie Hassold, and seeing that this is the week the monstrosities of Cloverfield are unleased upon America, it’s perhaps appropriate that some organic weirdness is on display at Bert Green Fine Art in Los Angeles. Laurie Hassold’s show runs until March 1st, 2008.

Via Phantasmaphile.

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5 thoughts on “The art of Laurie Hassold”

  1. The Cloverfield poster reminds me a bit too much of the end of Planet of the Apes (original version) but it has gotten good reviews so far 8.3 out of 10 on iMDB.
    Believe it or not I still haven’t seen Blair Witch Project. Probably heard/read too much about it now to make it worth seeing now.

  2. Cloverfield has had mixed reviews over all, including a downer from the NYT which isn’t exactly known as the home of the monster movie. The trailer was great, especially in HD, and I’m still nominally interested not least for the technical aspect. I never bothered with Blair Witch so wouldn’t be able to compare them.

  3. I’ll see it and try and brush aside any preconceived notions just because the giant monster biz has slowed a bit in Japan and besides that recent Korean one, (sorry titles evades me) few big creature movies have come out lately. This picture obviously suffers from Hollywood’s absurd fetish for casts made up entirely of supposedly glamorous young people.

    This aside, the top featured artist on Phantasmaphile, Vania Zouravliov, really reminds me of Takato Yamamoto, whom you featured fairly recently I recall, but with maybe a dash of Maruo in terms of style.

  4. Wiley: yes, I saw the Zouravliov post. Great work and it so happens someone on the Yamamoto post recommended his stuff also. I was going to give him a mention but Phantasmaphile beat me to it.

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