El Topo


Subterranean Cinema has the El Topo screenplay online, taken from the Douglas Book edition from 1971 (above is the cover of my John Calder UK reprint of the same). As well as a screenplay with annotations by Alejandro Jodorowsky, the second half of the book featured a lengthy, fascinating and at times bizarre and hilarious interview with the director. The site also includes a 1973 Penthouse interview with Jodorowsky, the soundtrack album, and elsewhere on the site there are further gems such as the Mad magazine parody of A Clockwork Orange, something I’d not seen for years.

(Thanks Jay!)

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3 thoughts on “El Topo”

  1. I had the book for years before I saw the film. All Jodorowsky’s work up to Santa Sangre remains difficult to see, partly because of rows with Allen Klein over copyright.

    I always remembered A Crockwork Lemon as being drawn by Mort Drucker which it turns out it wasn’t. A shame as he was the best of the Mad caricaturists of the time, he did their adaptation of 2001 a few years earlier.

  2. I’m really not sure how fair this is to Jodorowsky, or maybe this is more of an affront to the one in charge of copyright, but trashpalace.com actually makes DVDs of out of print VHSs (that looks funny) with extras on most of them surprisingly, and the ones I’ve seen are pretty good. Holy Mountain and El Topo are among those available.

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