Paris V: Details

Final Paris posting here, gathering up more of the better photos.


Walk down any residential street and you’ll see amazing doors like this that lead to the courtyards of apartment blocks. All the decorations are different, as are the brass door-handles emblazoned with human or animal heads. You could spend months photographing them.


The Eglise St. Severin in the marvellously narrow Rue St. Severin.


The Fontaine St. Michel by Duret (1860).


And one of the fountain’s great griffins.


The filigree splendour of the Eiffel Tower.


Another high spot: finally seeing one of Hector Guimard‘s Art Nouveau Métro entrances.


And a contemporary equivalent by Jean-Michel Othoniel for the Palais Royal entrance.

The entrance on Place Colette was redesigned by Jean-Michel Othoniel, as the “Kiosque des noctambules” (Kiosk of the night-walkers), and completed in October 2000 for the centenary of the Métro. Two cupolas of the “Kiosque des noctambules” (one representing the day, the other the night), made of glass beads coloured and threaded on a structure of aluminium, make an unexpected and original work in the very traditional environment of the Place Colette.