6 thoughts on “The art of Peter Milton”

  1. I found your superb site searching for UK sites relating to Peter Milton, whose works I collect (I have four, a couple from the eighties and a couple more recent). I want to get hold of a copy of the small book about his work that was published a few years ago.

    I am a creative director in advertising, but my real love is surrealist painting, of which I am a rather amateur exponent. If you can be bothered there are a dozen or so on my website. I intend to get on with doing some more when I retire in a few years’ time.

    regards Richard

    PS. Keep up the brilliant work!

  2. Thanks Richard. Yes, Peter Milton’s pictures are really impressive. Having done similar work myself with pen and ink I know the amount of effort that’s involved in such detailed rendering.

  3. 9/100 Second State: Free Fall Pastorale Peter Milton 69


    I have the above lithograph and am interested in selling it.


    Dan 303 699 9685

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