Jon Hassell, 1937–2021


Goodbye, Nature Boy, it was a pleasure and a privilege to work with you for a brief time.

One of my Mixcloud mixes was a Jon Hassell special, a collection of odds and ends rather than a best of, but it serves as an introduction to his unique music. Or you could go here and gorge yourself on a collection of albums that only sound like the people who followed in his footsteps.


The Guardian
The New York Times

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4 thoughts on “Jon Hassell, 1937–2021”

  1. How, after all this time, did I not realize he was American? I believed all along that he was a Brit! Regardless, he was brilliant and will be missed.

  2. Thanks John……listening to your mix now. I hadn’t appreciated you’d actually worked with him on cover artwork and his site.

  3. Charles: I think that’s an easy mistake to make: three albums on EG, two on ECM, one on Eno’s All Saints label, and two on Warp. His groups also seemed to play more dates in Europe than the US; most of the officially released live material is from European venues. And the two main imitators of his trumpet sound, Nils Petter Molvaer and Arve Henriksen, are Norwegian.

  4. Thanks, Graeme. I wish the title lettering for Maarifa Street looked better, I still feel I ought to have spent more time on it. Jon was happy with it, however.

    We would have worked on a lot more if the timing and conditions had been right. He wanted me to design the sleeve for Listening To Pictures but Warp wanted someone else to do it. A few months later Warp’s designer had failed to produce anything suitable for Jon’s music so he asked if I’d be able to take over. I was too busy with other things unfortunately so could only make suggestions for pushing the design closer to his own sphere. I also did some sample layouts for his North and South of You book which was a project he was tinkering with for many years, longer than has been suggested in some of the obituary notices. I was working on it in 2011 but it was much older than that.

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