All change


Since I’ve decided to start writing here more frequently I’m also taking advantage of a rare lull between commissions to upgrade the blog. I’ve avoided doing this for far too long with the result that the current three-column appearance is no longer suitable for mobile hardware. I don’t look at websites on my phone but I use a tablet every day and these pages aren’t very readable on small screens so I’m looking for a more flexible blog theme. Before doing this I’ve also been upgrading some of the background software, and will probably be installing things and messing around behind the scenes for the next couple of days. Consequently, the TS Eliot testcard may be visible more than usual while I take WordPress offline.

2 thoughts on “All change”

  1. I like the new look of the journal John, so many fine websites and blogs are ruined by cluttered design, headache-inducing graphics, and bothersome adverts. { feuilleton } is always an inspirational read and I’m delighted that you’re still, 14 years later! sharing cultural touchstones with us.

  2. Thanks, Wes, that’s good to hear. This is only one of the pre-packaged WordPress templates but it’s much better than the old ones, and is much more easy to read on mobile screens than the earlier layout. Onwards!

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