The Flow III


A short motion study by David Vigh for Bose Collins. Sometimes the simplest tricks are the most effective, as with these shots of coloured inks dropped into water and mirrored at their vertical axis. The resulting symmetry effortlessly prompts our pareidolia. Bose Collins has some additional experiments in this series, including one exploring the weirdness of ferrofluids.

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3 thoughts on “The Flow III”

  1. Wow! We’ve come along way since liquid projection, huh? It occurs that just as the image stimulates the imagination the quality of the music could change the effect as well. Next time perhaps something a little less new agey. Maybe call Fripp or Eno or Köner or Andrew Chalk?

    Is it just me or is most of the good stuff on Vimeo now rather than Ytube?

  2. I happened to have some early Vangelis playing the first time so I watched it with that. Once nice thing about abstract or silent cinema is you can often supply your own soundtrack.

    There does seem to be an increased move on the part of serious creators to Vimeo. I find that good and bad: good because the quality is almost always better and there isn’t the same froth of morons arguing and complaining; bad because Vimeo’s streaming is still poor compared to YouTube. I often download longer films to avoid them buffering halfway.

  3. Musicwise, Coil’s “No New World” is the same length as the video and matches nicely.

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