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Homotography goes nautical again this week, sporting shots of model Lukas Bossert in a session by Mustafa Sabbagh. I’m not sure whether these have any purpose beyond showing off Mr Bossert’s physique but we don’t really need any other reason, do we? Homotography has bigger pics should you require them.

Incidentally, fashion photography is now the only place you regularly see photos of anyone smoking, whether posing or otherwise. With the march of prohibition, the cigarette-as-style-fixture seems to have shifted to become a vague signifier of rebellion. The fashion world loves its rebel iconography so I can see this trend continuing for some time, or at least until the habit starts to generate the inevitable complaints.

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6 thoughts on “Hello, sailor”

  1. I’ve heard of it but I don’t recall ever seeing a copy. Not that I’d be likely to notice, I’ve rarely paid much attention to books that seemed like TV spin-offs even though that one wasn’t. You’ll no doubt know that “Hello sailor” was a very cliched phrase in TV of the 1960s and 70s telegraphing “homosexual”. That usage seems completely redundant now and would probably require explaining to people below a certain age.

  2. That’s one I’ve heard of but never read. Much of that Uranian world is still rather mysterious and so quite alluring from our perspective a century on. Having said that I just read an Edmund White essay about gay life written in 1973 and that also seems like another world compared to today.

  3. Well he seems to be worth a look. One of his titles gave me a chuckle: The Porne Ultimatum.

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