Return to the Exposition Universelle


Main entrance gate by René Binet.

I can’t leave the 1900 Paris exposition alone, and with good reason. If further proof were required that this event brought Winsor McCay’s Slumberland to earth for a few weeks, this stunning Brooklyn Museum Flickr set has the evidence. Not only five pages of high-resolution views but they’re all hand-tinted which adds to the splendour and highlights the ladies’ parasols.

For earlier posts on the Exposition Universelle, see the links below. Via Things Magazine.


Esplanade des Invalides.


Palace of Electricity.

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4 thoughts on “Return to the Exposition Universelle”

  1. Any chance you know of a high resolution image of the 1900 Paris Exposition poster of Sarah Bernhardt in a yellow dress surrounded by new media technology? I am looking to adorn a new book about world’s fairs and the press would like a higher resolution (300 dpi) image than I can find on the web. THANKS!

  2. I think you’d have to find a museum with a copy of the original poster. Everything in these exposition posts is material from various websites.

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