Having finally lost patience with the K2 theme I’m now searching for a better solution so things will be in a state of flux here for a while. Much as I like K2, the developers seem incapable of producing a stable version despite the number of people working on it. The older version I was using screwed up the header uploads while the latest upgrade made a mess of the live search. Trying to deal with their problems as well as the occasional conflicts caused by upgrading WordPress itself is more trouble than I need.

Update: Okay, it looks like I’m going with Grid Focus by Derek Punsalan. I’d toyed with the idea of using a 3-column layout before and I like the presentation of this one. The trouble with WordPress themes is that the minimal ones tend to be far too minimal while the not-so-minimal ones are often highly-coloured and unsuited to the purpose of sitting alongside the rest of my site. So for now this seems a decent solution although it’ll require some additional hacking to bring back some of the features I was using before. Your patience is requested.

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  1. Yes this is just a temporary measure. The problem with the old theme is that I’d customised it quite a bit so lots of sidebar stuff needs to be added to anything new. I’d write my own theme if I knew what I was doing there but it’s more complicated than doing a web page. K2 is nice but it’s more for people who like messing with the theme continually than actually creating any decent content. The theme forum has 1,215 threads on its problem page!

  2. Thanks. Still some work to do since I’ve changed a lot of the original theme. And, yes, I was doing this all yesterday since I don’t like things being unfinished and will have other work to attend to this week.

    One thing I really wanted was to get back to being able to change the header image which K2 was unable to do properly in the version I was using. For this new theme I’ve written in a header image which I can now have at any size or even remove altogether.

  3. Dunno if it’s deliberate or accidental but your feed is currently only giving excerpts which is, to be frank, rather irritating. This reader would appreciate a fuller, more comprehensive feed. But, as ever, this is your decision and I’d hate for you to think I think otherwise.

  4. Hi Pete. Sorry about that, I switched the setting when trying out some (unsuccessful) coding then forgot to set it back. Should be showing full text now. I wanted to have archive and search pages showing excerpts which they do now after the simple addition of some extra code in the template.

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