2 thoughts on “Ingmar Bergman, 1918–2007”

  1. One of the last truly great film makers departs. If one assumes there actually is an afterlife, I hope Death offers a warm greeting to an artist who rendered depictions of Death more lyrically hypnotic than most could achieve with something easier and thereby more popular, like affection, which he also excelled at depicting more than most, though his temperament would not allow any portrait of love to remain joyful for long.

  2. Yeah, a truly great artist. Always remember he was one director whose reputation was justified when I finally got to see his films. The thing that surprised me most was the humour and warmth in many of them (like the Seventh Seal) which you’d expect to be dour and gloomy. It helped that he had a circle of really great actors. Some of his films, such as Cries and Whispers, I’ve found so intense I’d have to prepare myself to watch them again. Few directors are that good.

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