London Pride


One of the exotic creatures at today’s London Pride march. More pictures at this Flickr pool. Marchers braved wet weather and renewed terrorist threats after two unexploded car bombs were found on Friday. (And where that matter is concerned, The Register has a rebuke to the inevitable hysterics.)


On a related note, this site has a feature that allows you to see how your blog (or page) would be rated by the MPAA. As Queerty notes, overuse of the word “gay” pushes up the supposed offensiveness quotient, something which results in this page receiving an NC-17 rating when it scans the past month of postings. Yes, it’s only a bit of web silliness but when the real Motion Picture Ass. of America has been shown to treat gay themes or stories with greater restriction than straight ones then it’s probably more accurate than its creators suspect.

Update: also in The Register, an ex-armed forces bomb-disposal operator explains why the London “terror clowns” shouldn’t be dignified with the hysteria they’ve been receiving.

2 thoughts on “London Pride”

  1. I want a costume like that red one to go to work. It would be perfect (hot though. It might work fine as a raincoat in London, but might be murder in blistrig Rome) …

    Not sure about that widget thing. I tried it on my main livejournal and got a PG but since most of the stories I write are under a “friend” lock, I thought that any potential offensive notions would not be visible to the bit of code.
    But then I applied the same to anothe livejournal I have, which was the support for the story I wrote for NaNoWriMo last year, since that one is fully public and then it got even weirder because it got G.
    Not bad for the story of an apprentice SM prostitute who ends up killing one of her customer.
    To think I had taken the pain to write a warning note in the user profile, saying that the story would probably not be suitable for younger readers…
    But, I will admit it was completely devoid of gay sex.

  2. Can’t help but think the world would be a better place if lawyers dressed like that.

    That rating thing seems bizarrely arbitrary but then the whole concept of rating culture often seems arbitrary so maybe it’s appropriate. And it’s only scanning for words, as well, so images like those NoBeast pictures I posted don’t count.

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