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From the Kusho series by Shinichi Maruyama. It was February 13th, 2006, when I sat down and wrote some words from Charles Fort—”One measures a circle, beginning anywhere”—as a title of the first post here. Ten years on, and the circle has turned ten times, or once if you’re measuring in decades. This time last […]

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Post number four thousand coincides with Roy Batty’s birthday, so happy birthday, Roy. Best not wish him many happy returns… It’s also David Bowie’s birthday and album release day but he’s receiving enough attention for that already. WordPress always sends a statistics summary at the end of each year. The stats for 2015 looked like […]

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Princess X (1916) by Constantin Brancusi. Happy new year. 02016? Read this. The Melancholy of Departure (1916) by Giorgio de Chirico. Merry-Go-Round (1916) by Mark Gertler.

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Of cards and calendars


Ex-calendars. Last weekend I was preparing to upload a set of new calendar pages to CafePress when I discovered that the wall calendar option I’ve been using there for years is no longer available. In place of the portrait calendar with square artwork pages there’s now a landscape-oriented calendar with artwork pages that are wider […]

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Celebrating nine years of interests, obsessions and passing enthusiasms. As before, a look at the annual delivery of stats from WordPress is instructive. The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 970,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 42 […]

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Two steps forward, two steps back


After less than a week of stability I again find myself without a functioning phone line. The company responsible assures me that it will be repaired by June 2nd. I’ve been rewatching Deadwood recently so rather than pen a useless rant you may imagine me fulminating à la Al Swearengen. Service may be restored sooner […]

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Ho hum. Internet problems here mean posting will be sporadic for the next few days. My apologies. In the meantime the archive feature has been activated to bring up posts from the past. Stay tuned. Update: Still contending with a week of All The Technical Problems, not only internet-related but things like my main work […]

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Dharmacakra in the Sun temple, Odisha, India. Celebrating eight years of interests, obsessions and passing enthusiasms. These days WordPress conveniently prepares a page of stats at the end of each year, and since I generally use the blog anniversary to record the posts of interest this is how things worked out over the past year: […]

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This Is Sand


Several hours wasted today trying to root out a computer problem so I’ve little to offer apart from this polychrome sand game. Have fun.

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Behold the spam


Via Vintage Ad Browser. Thanks to the very efficient WordPress spam filter readers here seldom see any spam comments but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any hitting the site. This blog receives an average of around 1,200 a day, sometimes more on those occasions when some algorithm out in the Deep Web turns its Sauron-gaze […]

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Seven and Seven Is (1967), a single by Love. Celebrating seven years of this here blawg with a bunch of sevens. But first, the stats which (according to WordPress’s own meter) say “This blog was viewed about 2,300,000 times in 2012″. The caveat there is that many people visit these pages simply to see a […]

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Vaslav Nijinsky in Fokine’s Schéhérazade. A print by George Barbier (1913). Happy new year. 02013? Read this. “Taking your measure”: October, 1913. “The elevated sidewalk: How it will solve transportation problems”: July 26, 1913. November 15, 1913.

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Blowing bubbles


Chiozza e Turchi, fabricants de savons (1899) by Adolf Hohenstein. My regular email account is currently malfunctioning so if anyone has sent a mail to my discordia address after 10.00am (UK time) on August 29th I haven’t received it. For the time being I’m switching to my Google account as the default so if anyone […]

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Reverbstorm update


The photo shows a detail of the design embossed on the front board proof of the forthcoming Reverbstorm book, publication of which has been put forward while the printers address some production problems. Without getting overly technical there’s been trouble with the ink causing a number of pages to print far too dark for reasons […]

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Now we are six


Number Six/The Prisoner (1990?) by Roland Topor. Welcome to post number 2,618, and the sixth anniversary of this here weblog. Roland Topor’s drawing could be interpreted as a cry for help from your narrator—imprisoned by the daily necessity to file copy—but it’s there mainly because I couldn’t think of another picture featuring the requisite numeral. […]

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Oh look, it’s the train again… The site was down for a couple of days after my webhost decided to repair the server without giving any advance warning. My apologies. Everything should now be back to normal.

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The Weird Questionnaire


A peacock. Photograph by Vidhya Narayanan. Posted at the Weird Fiction Review in the past week, The Weird (or Étrange) Questionnaire is Éric Poindron’s Weird (or Étrange) riposte to the Proust Questionnaire. I’d read the post, and seen Jeff VanderMeer’s answers to the questions, but wasn’t planning on answering it myself until Neddal Ayad wrote […]

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With my on-again/off-again phone problem persisting it’s getting impossible to post anything substantial here so I may as well take a break for a few days while I try and get the line fixed. I’m hoping this won’t take too long but given the failures of the phone company on previous occasions nothing is certain. […]

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Anatomy of Norbiton


I nearly called this post “Topology of a phantom city” after Alain Robbe-Grillet (and Paul Schütze) but was concerned that might confuse matters. On the other hand, such a title is probably pompous, elitist and obscure enough for the subject in question. Today’s post is necessarily brief since the trouble I keep having with my […]

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Life magazine for March 2nd, 1911, with cover art by Orson Lowell. The Peacock Number, eh? Can’t help but wonder what the rest of this issue was like. 02011? Read this. Happy new year!

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