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It is the intention of our company to publish books that reflect and express the deeper and more essential needs of the collective human psyche. In a world that becomes increasingly alienated by consumer driven technologies, focused on generating profit above all else, we strive rather to assist and enable a reconnection with those portions of our soul that are currently riddled by absence, blighted by a famine of inner life.

We champion love and desire, the tragic and the transcendent, the mythical and the deranged, dream and madness, magical reality and the surreal. (more)

Coming soon:
books by John Coulthart, Kim Dallesandro, DF Lewis, Ian Miller, Ricardo Acevedo and DM Mitchell

3 thoughts on “Incunabula Media”

  1. Super-simplified: Thatcher and Reagan mainstreamed the sociopathic selfishness and greed of Objectivism, itself essentially a mental sickness, and here we are.
    What’s needed, as suggested by that mission statement in the post, is a reversion to a norm of community and solidarity instead of the tribalism and unhinged sense of self we’ve had since the 80s.
    The need is obvious, as (should be) the leader class’ objection and overt opposition to it.

  2. Ha, no but thanks for asking! We’ve been talking about doing an updated/revised edition of The Haunter of the Dark.

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