Hiking in the CEZ


Two items of cult fixation collide in these photos of illicit exploration (1) into the irradiated exclusion zone around Pripyat (2) in northern Ukraine. According to English Russia the crew are a group of urban explorers from St Petersburg. The English Russia pages have two sets of photos with English annotations while the explorers themselves document their adventures to Pripyat (and elsewhere) in Russian at LiveJournal, here and here. (Google Translate works pretty well for the captions there.) Great photos in all of their posts. The shot above would be ideal as a wraparound cover for an edition of Roadside Picnic.

Official visits to the area now seem more common, and no doubt avoid the hazard of having to take drinking water from potentially toxic rivers. The Pripyat website advises on the pros and cons of the different seasons. Don’t forget your dosimeter.



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