La Tour Eiffel


Another Google visit to a very tall structure. The views from the Eiffel Tower may not reach as high as those of the Burj Khalifa but you are at least looking at one of the greatest cities in the world. These pictures were taken in June of this year on a particularly gloomy day, possibly the early morning judging by the lack of people or car traffic. The views above and below look down on the section of the 7th arrondissement that was the site of the Exposition Universelle in 1900. As with the Burj Khalifa you can choose which floor to navigate.



The Champ de Mars.

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2 thoughts on “La Tour Eiffel”

  1. I think I’m blowing the quote but wasn’t it Guy de Maupassant who said his favorite place in Paris was the Eiffel Tower because it was the only place in Paris where you couldn’t see the Eiffel Tower?

  2. Yes, it was Maupassant. I’ve never understood the complaints of the time, it’s a remarkable structure.

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