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Spirit of Talk Talk by James Marsh


In which artist James Marsh animates the paintings of his which appear on Talk Talk’s album covers. This is a promo film for Spirit Of Talk Talk, a cover version collection released last year on Fierce Panda. Thanks to Thom for the tip!




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  1. #1 posted by herr doktor bimler


    Heh. I was looking up Marsh’s old fantasy covers last week, after deciding to illustrate a talk on colour names by using his cover art for “Book of the Dun Cow”. I had a vague idea that the dimly-recalled image might have been more of Goodfellow’s work, but fortunately the ISFDB disabused me of that notion.

    I had no idea until that point that so many of the Ballard and Angela Carter books that illustrate my memories of the early 80s were assisted by Marsh artwork.






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