Lunation: Art on the Moon


Image by Noah Doely.

Steve Moore’s lunarian occult novel Somnium was published a couple of months ago, and now we have an art exhibition exploring similar themes. Lunation: Art on the Moon is a group show at Observatory, Brooklyn, NYC which opens on January 7th:

Artists portray the moon as a source of danger and power, and latter-day sorceresses and men of magic call up to that heavenly lamp, seeking to transcend the ordinary night. For them, the old myths have not changed so much: the moon is still a secret mirror, showing in pale light how the familiar contains always an element of the unexpected…

Participants include Grace Baxter, Jesse Bransford, Susan Crawford, Noah Doely, Joanna Ebenstein, Theo Ellsworth, Michelle Enemark, Ted Enik, Jesse Gelaznik, Ethan Gould, Dr. Gary Greenberg, Pam Grossman, Maria Liebana, Gerald Marks, Chad Merritt, Heidi Neilson, G.F. Newland, Rebeca Olguín, Kathryn Pierce, Lado Pochkhua, Dylan Thuras, Binky Walker, James Walsh and Julianne Zaleta.

Lunation: Art on the Moon runs to the end of February, 2012.


The Lake at Night by Jesse Gelaznik (2011).


Salvio Hexia by Chad Merritt (2011).


A gigantic space-man has landed on the moon, but why?! by Theo Ellsworth (2011).


Luna by Jesse Bransford (2009).

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