The art of Joan Ponç, 1927–1984


Ésser del Cap (1977–78).

A pair of works by a Catalonian artist whose varied and occasionally Surrealist output can be viewed here. There’s further work and career details here but not in English. Via.


Sin título (1982).

3 thoughts on “The art of Joan Ponç, 1927–1984”

  1. As a good Catalonian, the influences of Salvador Dali on his work are quite evident. I didn’t know this artist, tks for posting some samples of the work, it’s very nice indeed!

  2. Me, again. Checking the guy’s work, I see he won a prize in Brazil, back in 1965, at Sao Paulo’s Biannual. Also, I see that his work has influenced many contemporary artists, you’ll probably agree. The man had a troubled life, as stated in the informations there, but was one hell of an artist!

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