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The art of Anthony Goicolea


Premature (2003).

It’s difficult to avoid the word “dreamlike” when looking at Anthony Goicolea‘s carefully-staged tableaux, all of which use the artist himself as their subject, redressed and multiplied by Photoshop into an army of clones. The artist-as-model isn’t a new thing—Cindy Sherman has been doing this for years—but the possibilities of digital manipulation still seem rather under-explored in the contemporary art world; whether that’s down to a lack of the necessary aptitude on the part of artists or simply avoidance of a medium more commonly associated with advertising and illustration is hard to say.


Poolpushers I (2001).

Goicolea certainly has the aptitude, many of these images have the same slightly hallucinatory quality as the photo-collages which Hipgnosis produced for album covers in the 1970s. When you add the inevitable narrative speculation which any staged photo generates—what exactly is happening in these pictures?—and a gay subtext which quite often becomes a very overt text, you have something very intriguing indeed.


Cannibals (2001).

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  1. #1 posted by Danny


    As great as Goicolea’s photomontages are, I think his drawings are infinitely more captivating. I saw “Tar Baby” in person and it blew me away.

  2. #2 posted by pe-jota


    Sweet perversion of the splendid youth.

  3. #3 posted by avi-ave


    love da ART!!!






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