Lux Interior, 1946–2009


Lux on stage in Glasgow, 1990.

Lux Interior, co-founder of the Cramps and the group’s singer, lyricist, cultural archaeologist and a superb stage performer. Also one of the few people who could successfully enthuse about the delights of female sexuality while wearing nothing more than a pair of high heels and a black G-string.

That exhilarating manifestation of deviant intent and skull-denting impact remains Lux and Ivy’s exclusive domain. Where punk rock was a barrage of refutation that fomented rabid exultation, the Cramps reclaimed the hillbilly power long since flushed down the Mersey. Through a self-stated “disdain for the myth of musical progress,” they melded their mutant propensities to emerge as a guiding voice in the wilderness, a commanding force that redefined the rock & roll spectrum while outgunning almost everyfuckingbody in the game. Jonny Whiteside, LA Weekly.

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3 thoughts on “Lux Interior, 1946–2009”

  1. 2009 just begininng and more deaths in the world of arts. Shame!
    I’ve known The Cramps since early eighties and used to like some of their records a lot. The guy was kinda young to go upstair, but…who’s to know, anyway?

  2. Easily one of the most influential people in my life,Lux, via the Cramps, opened up a sick world of b movies and sleazy rock n roll to my teenage mind.
    This is the saddest thing ive heard for a long time.You always think people like him will live forever, like gods or mythical heroes.Hmm……perhaps he will……..
    God (or whoever)bless you , Lux. I hope they have fishnets where you are.

  3. I’d never thought of him being over 60, he always seemed so much younger. He’ll be languishing on the shores of Kizmiaz, waiting to see Ivy again.

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