Colin Corbett’s decorated jockstraps


I missed posting something about Strapped: The Art of the Decorated Jockstrap while the exhibition was running last month at the London College of Communications but better late than never with this. Designer Colin Corbett’s playful additions to the humble jockstrap hit so many spots of obsession it’s like he read my mind: black clothes, swords, peacocks, jockstraps… You can see more of them here and he talks about some of the designs here.


Dennis Covey, meanwhile, turns jockstraps into art by making unique torso casts of their wearers. He also has a fine collection of other homoerotic work, most of which is for sale.

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  1. Hi Rick. The big pic is still there but the link I made redirects to a generic Google sites page. (Was working earlier so it must have been a cached page.) If you click on that where it says “Click here to download your attachment” it should load in your browser. Can’t tell whether that’s bad programming on Google’s part or deliberate obfuscation to prevent hotlinking.

  2. remember u from school, colin, beautiful work, my sister is louise wilson from over at st martins, cant wait to tell her i knew u before , all the best – liz wilson

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