9 thoughts on “Dark Angel”

  1. Hi Aeron. That may be the case although I’m usually wary of apportioning inspiration in this way. I’ve received enough “you must have been inspired by this” comments with regard to my own work to know that what often seems an obvious influence isn’t always so.

  2. Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve had artworks of my own where individuals assumed inspiration from artworks that weren’t even considered in the creation. Although this artist has clearly taken the composition in his own direction. The biggest clue to the reference of the original work is the left hand held up, here’s a comparison to see it easier.. http://i42.tinypic.com/14id6dz.jpg

    Anyway, I’m impressed with the selection of artists you have here, John. Many times when I’m researching artists I’ll find myself here reading an article you’ve wrote about them.

  3. Well that Fallen Angel statue mentioned above features wings and snakes, so Things might be best. All it needs is a sword for the full complement of fetishes…

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