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Bo Diddley, 1928–2008


So long, Road Runner. Lots of clips of the great man on YouTube, my favourite being this TV appearance with the amazing Bo-ettes. Without him punishing his guitar that way, you wouldn’t have (among other things) the MC5 doing this. And without them you wouldn’t have Sonic Youth doing this



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  1. #1 posted by vallsack


    I find it kind of ignorant that people do not give blues and negro rock the credit it deserves for inspiring, later, current, and future bands. All you hear about is The Beatles this and The Beatles that. I’m glad of all people, you’re intelligent enough to make reference to an inspiring artist other than those bubblegum hacks.

  2. #2 posted by John


    People also seem to forget that The Beatles were influenced by rock’n’roll, something they would never have denied themselves. The early albums contain covers of songs by Chuck Berry and Larry Williams and John Lennon paid back his debt later with his covers album, Rock’n’Roll.






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