10 thoughts on “Anthony Gayton’s Fall”

  1. We love Anthony Gayton! His historical inspired imagery is so lush and gorgeous, and I LOVE the vintage homoerotica inspired pieces (naturally).

    PS. some of his early nudes are him, and hello hottie!

  2. Hi Andrew. He’s a favourite here as well, needless to say. And his Victorian-styled work is great. I’d love to do some stuff like that myself; I have all the digital skills, just lack the models!

  3. YAY! I love Gayton’s work! It’s ALL good!

    John, what are you waiting for? Put out an ad, get some models, and get to work! Not only will fabulous art come of it—that much is certain—but perhaps some interesting experiences as well!

  4. All that would involve more expense than I could manage just now. As well as models you need a decent camera—mine has developed strange malfunctions—and ideally some studio space with lights and so on.

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