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Defend Dave Reeves!


From the latest Arthur email bulletin:

Something stupid happened to Arthur magazine “Do the Math” columnist/motorcyclist/writer/ “Defend Brooklyn” creator Dave Reeves late last year in Burbank and now he’s being tickled by the Burbank D.A. for fines, probation and even a jailing on some bogus-on-their-face criminal charges. Call it weird, call it harassment-by-cop, call it Kafkatime: whatever name you hang on this cruel mess, it is expensive and is requiring legal services at a level far above Dave’s means. He’s in a jam now and he needs—and deserves—our support during this nightmare. Help our brother out. Defend Dave Reeves like he’s defended you—order something off his website www.defendbrooklyn.com

Dave writes great columns for Arthur; give him some love if you can.



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  1. #1 posted by rachel detroit


    Could you be alittle more vague…..
    I ‘ll buy Daave Reeves’ soft warm shit if it would help a brother out, but that little paragraph makes no fucking sense… Either spill the beans or just say BUY DEFEND BROOKLYN SWAG…Gawd….






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