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Archive for January 1st, 2007


Reasons to be cheerful

Forty-six percent of white evangelical Christians believe it’s at least somewhat likely that Jesus Christ will return in 2007, while 22 percent believe it’s very likely. Thirty-four percent of Protestants say it’s at least somewhat likely, compared with 17 percent of Catholics. Ten percent of those with no religion believe that Christ is at least […]

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Calendar sale

Let’s start the new year with some traditional commercialism. My CafePress calendars are now reduced in price to $17.99 which means I make all of $1 on each sale. Still not much of a bargain for purchasers but that’s the way it goes with all CafePress products, their own starting price is always high. I’ll […]

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New Year by Picasso (1953). Happy new year. 02007? Read this.

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“feed your head”