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Folder icons


I don’t use customised folder or desktop icons much these days but this set, entitled Ink, is great, based on tribal tattoo stylings. If there were other designs as good as this in the world of lurid, gum-drop-shaped, drop-shadowed reflectiveness, I might be more inclined to customise my folders now and then. Jamie McCanless is the artist responsible and you can see these and other designs on his site, including some nice GLBT and Pride-themed works.

PS: these are Mac-only.



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  1. #1 posted by Jamie McCanless


    Hello, John. Thanks for writing about Ink! It’s always good to know that my work is appreciated. I actually use far fewer custom icons than I design, but I strive to make mine stand out in the GUI crowd nevertheless.

    If you’re more inclined to customize your person than desktop, many of my designs are available on shirts, buttons, magnets, and the like at JamieCo Design ( Ink is at http://www.jamiecodesign.biz/473663 ).

  2. #2 posted by John


    Thanks Jamie. Good to hear from a fellow Cafe Press-er!






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