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BBC News enters the twilight zone interviewing hacker Gary McKinnon who is currently facing extradiction to the US for hacking NASA and US military computers. McKinnon claims to have discovered evidence of secret UFO technology and says this is justification for his activities. If true this would make him a kind of X-Files Mordechai Vanunu. He says he couldn’t download any evidence of his discoveries; not even a screen grab, Gary?

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  1. This all could be fake! Just a way in allowing both US and UK government exercizing fear over people in order to help reduce public hacking and computer misuse.

    I guarantee that most web based systems have vunerabilities which anyone could attempt to gain access on a public level.

    The fact that most ‘Top Secret’ data is handled over dedicated networks seperate to those used by civilians makes this story very interesting.

    I wonder if they would attempt to trial anyone who was to say they hacked the USA?

    Hitting the Print Screen button takes seconds… remote control is common practice for any corporate network in which a client application must be installed. How could he install something on a system he had no initial access? He would require the networks external IP and then have to work out the internal IP range… That could be anything in a hundreds of thousands of different ranges and millions of IPs. Then access the workstations local drive whilst being logged into the public webserver most possibly not even on the same network or even same location!

    This all sounds like government tit for tat and lets have fun with a barmy guy who believes he accessed such vital files.

    Yes, maybe the government are hiding UFO but im pretty sure they wouldn’t leave it on a webserver accessing the internet…
    the worlds most unsecure network.

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