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Thanks to the very efficient WordPress spam filter readers here seldom see any spam comments but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any hitting the site. This blog receives an average of around 1,200 a day, sometimes more on those occasions when some algorithm out in the Deep Web turns its Sauron-gaze this way. The programs that post these things occasionally misfire (or are simply badly written) so you find things in the spam list that weren’t meant to be seen in the wild. Dangerous Minds spotted an example earlier this week, and I found another today, mine being a list of garbled “inspirational” quotes that must have been translated to a foreign language then translated back to English. Spam comments are a pain but since they’re auto-generated they’re often funny or simply strange for the ways they mangle the language. A few choice examples follow. There was a lot more of this!

This stupid guy imagine using thin thoughts and consult with wide mouth.
—Charlie Face

Commonsense isn’t really all of that popular.

Resist much. Follow tiny.
—Walt Whitman

Should you communicate comprehend, get just one feet inside stirrup.
—Turkish proverb

When great modifications take place ever, as soon as good guidelines are involved, usually the majority is inappropriate.
—Eugene Sixth v. Debs

That which can be wrecked from the real truth ought to be.
—P. Chemical. Hodgell

When Christ ended up the following, there is something however definitely not always be: any Roscoe.
—Mark Twain

In no way characteristic for you to malice that which can be properly discussed by simply silliness.
—Hanlon’s electric shaver

Wizard might have it is restrictions, although stupidity isn’t therefore equipment.
—Elbert Hubbard

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3 thoughts on “Behold the spam”

  1. I did not understand what exactly you meant by “some algorithm out in the Deep Web”…
    Most people on deep web are not interested in spam, they real interest is in illegal contents lol
    Anyway, it is fun down there.
    I’ld suggest to visit my blog for some guides and onion links for deep web.

  2. Obviously some Chinese conspiracy to rob us of our western purity of essence…by the way, since you mention WordPress, would you recommend them to a novice uncommercial web traveler who would like to start a site…

  3. I’d certainly recommend WordPress although I’ve not tried any other system so can’t say much about the various pros and cons. People used to complain a lot about Blogger having a crude interface, and also being subject to erratic changes by Google.

    At you can get a free WP blog in minutes which has all the features of the standalone system I use. The standalone version you have to download the software and install yourself on a site with a database running PHP. That’s a technically complicated procedure if you’re not familiar with web programming.

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