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Yosemite in HD


Having written about views of Yosemite National Park only a couple of weeks ago, linking to this gorgeous video seemed obligatory. Yosemite HD is a short film by Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty which captures the park in a series of stunning timelapse views during day and night. No CGI, just the natural world via Canon and Zeiss lenses. M83‘s Outro makes a suitably bombastic soundtrack. I could watch a lot more of this.


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  1. #1 posted by Stephen


    Wow! When you live in the big city it’s easy to forget that such places exist. The night time scenes with the stars wheeling overhead were especially beautiful. Someone who shares my predilection for views of the night might wish to visit this site.


  2. #2 posted by Thombeau


    Awesome. As usual, thanks for sharing!






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