Winter panoramas


Staromestske Namesti (Old Town Square), Prague.

Continuing the winter theme with some views from my favourite panorama site, 360 Cities. These are all from the northern hemisphere, I was hoping for something from Antarctica but it’s not represented there. The view over the frozen tundra at Barrow, Alaska, can stand in for the continent’s absence, however, a white desert which quite chills the soul. Tromsø is about as far north as Barrow but looks a lot more welcoming.

I’ll be taking a welcome break for the next few days so I’m hoping the site will remain stable during that time as I take time out from staring at a computer screen. The continual outages this year have been very annoying but I’ve been too busy to look into changing the hosting, that’s something to sort out in the New Year. As usual, the archive facility will be in operation throwing up random posts from the past three-and-a-half years.

Have a good one.


Barrow, Alaska.


Naberezhnaya, Russia.


Aurora borealis, Lavangsdalen, Norway.


The Arctic Cathedral, Tromsø, Norway.

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