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Chris Summerfield


Dean by photographer Chris Summerfield.



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  1. #1 posted by Chris Summerfield


    Thanks for promooting my work on your website. At the moment I am looking for real publishers world wide to produce my work as fine art for the world wide market.The first project I am aiming for is where this picture comes from. Fistral And Beyond a book of portraits taken on ther beaches of Devon and Cornwall over the last 17 year. Fistral beach Newquay is the main surf beach a hive of activity in the summer months, the real surfers go there in the winter.
    Dean in this picture was published in an international magazine. He rang me a year later and thanked me for creating a highlight at that point in his life.which waas great feed back

  2. #2 posted by John


    Hi Chris. If you have a proposal for a book I’d suggest looking up some of the publishers who already produce books of male art photography and sending them a sample. Not all publishers are open to blind submissions but some are and this field isn’t exactly over-subscribed. Wish I could be more help. Good luck!

  3. #3 posted by Chris Summerfield


    The last few weeks not had a lot of time but posted a body of work on http://www.youtube.com/chrissummerfield
    I realy need an agent in order to get things moving. The book was very close to getting published in the spring of 2008 but fell through at the last stasge. The publisher specialised in the figure nd decided against going in a documentary direction. The book would have got me on the International stage.All the best Chris

  4. #4 posted by Chris Summerfield


    I have set up an on line model agency to promote Male Models 17 to 23 from the South West of England to the fashion and creative industry across the World. for magazines,fashion,etc.
    Not sure how it will go as its all new to me.
    There are grat looking people away from the City, not getting recognised so see how ity goes

  5. #5 posted by Chris Summerfield


    During 2010 I have had work published at world of models A merica http://www.worldofmodels.com.br/chrissummerfield2.html as well as Flit magazine and Trystate New York in 2009. I am planning on having other work published world wide in magazines during 2010. During 2010 I have produced two books, one on an artist called Robert Lenkiewicz and the other on the surf beach culture projecvt, Fistral And Beyond. They can be bought on supply and demand, every copy is slightly diffrent and can be shipped world wide

  6. In the wintrer of 2010 I have been getting a large body of work online. I am, allways looking for great looking trendy models 18 and above for world wide publishing. Plymouth UK area. Also available for location magazine shoots world wide. Hope that all is good with you.






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