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The Palais Lumineux


A final visit to the Exposition Universelle of 1900 with this photograph of the Palais Lumineux, a piece of period Chinoiserie built in the Champ de Mars close to the Eiffel Tower. I forget where I found this tinted view but Wikipedia has what appears to be the same photograph coloured so as to resemble a night scene.

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  1. #1 posted by Thombeau


    I just made this my desktop wallpaper. I love it!

  2. #2 posted by John


    Heh, a shame it’s not there any longer. I keep wondering if the interior was like the room on the back of the elephant in Moulin Rouge. That’s a similar kind of exotica, albeit more Indian.

  3. #3 posted by Thombeau


    Believe it or not, that crossed my mind, as well!






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