2 thoughts on “The recurrent pose 11”

  1. When I saw the original work I could not imagine that it had been later served to inspire to so many creators, I would like to know that would Flandrin think about this, but it’s impossible.

  2. I imagine Flandrin, like many artists, would be surprised to discover which of his works the people of the future responded to the most. I doubt Leonardo Da Vinci expected that the Mona Lisa would be as popular as it is, for example.

    I haven’t read anything substantial about the creation of Flandrin’s painting but I still suspect it may go back to an Ancient Greek vase or plate design. The cloth his figure is sitting on has a Classical design but the picture as a whole is less specifically Greek than his earlier Polites, Son of Priam, Observes the Movements of the Greeks.

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