4 thoughts on “Apocalypse now”

  1. Suggested soundtrack for this extraordinary event: ‘Helicon 1’ by Mogwai.

  2. I was up there in 2005, a beautiful spot with great views over the city, it’s a shame to see it going this way. Even then there were scorched areas from the fires they had two years before.

  3. My caption would have gone more in the area of Gottedämmerung…
    A tragedy of course, bu the pictures are seductive enough to give the onlooker a Nero-like feel…

  4. Title was prompted by the sight of those flames with palm trees and helicopters…couldn’t resist it really. My good friend Jay who lives uncomfortably close to Griffith Park reckons there’ll be a lot more of this before the summer is over.

    The pictures are remarkable if you look at some of the Flickr groups documenting this. Clear skies with an enormous plume of smoke drifiting over the city.

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