2 thoughts on “Robert Altman, 1925–2006”

  1. I can still remember how weird I felt coming out of the cinema after seeing Brewster McCloud which my older sister took me to see when I still wasn’t quite ten years old.
    Still haven’t seen McCabe & Mrs. Miller or A Prairie Home Companion. Probably catch that on DVD when it comes out.

  2. He was one of the greats, without a doubt. I only saw his films on TV, unfortunately, but even the minor ones are worth a look. Two oddities that rarely receive a mention are Images (1972), with Susannah York going quietly mad, and Quintet (1979) a strange piece of science fiction with Paul Newman. I’m always amazed watching his big ensemble films like Nashville and Short Cuts by the way he managed to make it seem like the cameras just happened to be around while all this stuff was going on. A true original. McCabe & Mrs Miller is brilliant, btw, and available now on DVD.

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