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Happy Solstice


The current atmosphere of fundamentalist belligerence
brings out my inner pagan. Happy Midsummer!



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  1. #1 posted by Eroom Nala


    Sadly here in the southern hemisphere it’s quite cold this time of year.

    On the other hand we do have boiling hot Christmases. Pity all the poor guys who have to dress up as Saint Nick and have children on their laps telling them what they want as presents in sweltering heat.

  2. #2 posted by John


    If it’s any consolation, the weather here is awful at the moment; cold, wet and windy.

  3. #3 posted by Eroom Nala


    So will the pagans be congregating around Stonehenge or is the police blocking it off again?

  4. #4 posted by John


    Not sure what happened this year. I was lucky to be there in 1982 when they let everyone inside the stones on Midsummer’s Day. Quite a magical occasion.






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