Strange Attractor Journal Three


The wonderful and essential Strange Attractor Journal will be with us again next month.
The previous number (now sold out, I think) included my essay about psychedelic artist Wilfried Sätty.


Contra Genesis—Catherine Eisner
Unusual cases of extra-genital conception, extra-uterine
gestation, and other anomalous exits.

Burmese Daze—Erik Davis
In which the author submits to the pleasures of a transgender spirit possession festival.

Adventures in the Fourth Dimension—Mike Jay
A Victorian time machine and history’s first theme park ride.

Ego in Exotica Sum—Ken Hollings
In memoriam Martin Denny, crown prince of the exotica sound.

A Psychoactive Bestiary—Richard Rudgley
The joy of zootoxins, from the ant to the giraffe.

Liberté, Légalité, Éternité—David Luke
Some notes on psychonautic misadventures in time.

Kandinsky’s Thought Forms—Gary Lachman
The occult roots of modern art.

Magic Words—Steve Moore
Virgil the Necromancer in mediæval legend.

Abu’l-Qasim al-Iraqi—Robert Irwin
12th century Arab alchemists on the edge
of knowledge.

The Electrochemical Glass—Richard Brown
A slow-evolving artwork from a living alchemist.

The Man Behind the Screen—David Rothenberg
Hans Christian Andersen’s greatest and least-known work.

The Mole of Edge Hill—John Reppion
Joseph Williamson, Liverpool’s tunnelling philanthropist.

La Maison de Poupées—Robert Ansell
A photographic study of a magnificent compulsion.

The Dirty Thirties—Alexis Lykiard
From Arthur Koestler’s Encyclopædia of Sexual Knowledge.

Paint it Black—Stewart Home
Autohagiography of an artist.

Redonda and Her Kings—Roger Dobson
The island life of early science fiction author MP Shiel.

Magic in Paris—Phil Baker
Demons of the opium den in Thirties Paris.

The Dark Man’s Dreams—Doug Skinner
An introduction to Xavier Forneret, Surrealism’s lost poet.

Ghosts: A short Story
by Lady Vervaine.

Plus original artworks by Alison Gill, Josephine Harvatt, Betsy Heistand, Katie Owens, Arik Roper.

Editor: Mark Pilkington.
Print Design: Alison Hutchinson.

Strange Attractor celebrates unpopular culture. We declare war on mediocrity and a pox on the foot soldiers of stupidity. Join Us.

Strange Attractor Journal Three available now from Strange Attractor Shoppe and all good bookshops.

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Literary agent: Leslie Gardner at Artellus Ltd, London.

Born to Be Posthumous: The Eccentric Life and Mysterious Genius of Edward Gorey by Mark Dery (book review)
Eye Magazine no. 98 (2019).

The Artist in the Studio (non-fiction)
The Mystery of Picasso (Arrow Academy DVD/Blu-ray, 2018).

Sacred Demons: The Dramatic Art of David Rudkin (non-fiction)
Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies (Wyrd Harvest Press, 2015).

Art that Transcends (non-fiction)
Communication Arts Illustration Annual 56 (May/June 2015).

Figures in a Landscape (fiction)
The Horror Fields: Rural Horror Special (Morpheus Tales, 2014) edited by Matt Leyshon.

Vapour Trails (non-fiction)
Eye Magazine no. 86 (2013).

Study in Blue, Green, and Gold (fiction)
Gay City 5: Ghosts in Gaslight, Monsters in Steam (Gay City, 2013) edited by Vincent Kovar & Evan J. Peterson.

Three Horror Comics (non-fiction)
NørdNyt no. 24 (2013)

Kenneth Anger by Alice L. Hutchison (book review)
Eye Magazine no. 81 (2011).

Architects of Fear (book introduction)
Songs of the Black Wurm Gism: The Starry Wisdom Part 2 (Creation Oneiros, 2009) edited by DM Mitchell.

An Invitation to the Electric Séance (Hauntological exegesis)
Arthur magazine column at Yahoo Music (2007).

32 film reviews and 4 essays
Horror: the Definitive Guide to the Cinema of Fear (Andre Deutsch, 2006 & Carlton Books, 2010) edited by James Marriott & Kim Newman.

Sandoz in the Rain: the Life and Art of Wilfried Sätty (non-fiction)
Strange Attractor Journal 2 (Strange Attractor, 2005) edited by Mark Pilkington.

Germany Calling (non-fiction)
A Serious Life (Savoy Books, 2004) by DM Mitchell.

Printer’s Evil (fiction)
The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases (Night Shade Books/Pan Macmillan/Bantam, 2003), edited by Jeff VanderMeer & Mark Roberts.

Another Green World: The Codex Seraphinianus (non-fiction)
Fantastic Metropolis (2002).

Stanley Kubrick 1928–1999
The Edge magazine (1999).