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Black Fever (2010) by Polly Morgan. • “She was something of an Auntie Mame figure for me. We spent years haunting secondhand bookstores in Berkeley, Los Angeles, and New York, talking for hours over ever more bizarre dishes of Chinese Hakka cuisine in a hole-in-the-wall eatery at Stockton and Broadway in San Francisco, watching Kenneth […]

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“The Go-Go wonder of Paris — That’s space girl. Transistors never wear down, they just go on and on — Even her heart is made of vinyl — It’s a marvy life — With nothing else to do but dance — Why not? – Love? — Forget it, baby — Not for her —” From […]

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Tunnel 228


Lightning & Kinglyface’s paper forest; photo by Jeff Moore. Tunnel 228 is a collaboration between Kevin Spacey in his position as artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre, and experimental theatre company Punchdrunk staging an art installation/performance work in tunnels beneath Waterloo, London. Mention of the magic word “Metropolis” (in its Fritz Lang context) caught […]

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Kelly McCallum’s insect art


In addition to insects, Kelly McCallum also has birds filled with clockwork mechanisms, stuffed animals being eaten by gilded grubs, jewellery carved from human bones, and more. Plus a quote from the Prince of Quotation, Walter Benjamin: “The grey film of dust covering things has become their best part.” Via 3quarksdaily. Previously on { feuilleton […]

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Walmor Corrêa’s Memento Mori


Bailarina (2007). A work from Walmor Corrêa‘s 2007 Memento Mori series. Previously on { feuilleton } • The art of Ron Pippin • Custom creatures • Polly Morgan, fine art taxidermist • Cryptozoology • Insect Lab • The art of Jessica Joslin • The Museum of Fantastic Specimens

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The art of Ron Pippin


left: Museum Box #1; right: Arch Angel (no dates). Raccoon Kit With Lenses (no date). • Kimberley Brooks interview • Ron Pippin at Obsolete Previously on { feuilleton } • Custom creatures • Polly Morgan, fine art taxidermist • The sculpture of Christopher Conte • Pierre Matter’s cyborg sculpture • Cryptozoology • Insect Lab • […]

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Custom creatures


If Polly Morgan’s animal corpse art seems macabre, it looks positively mundane next to Serina Brewer’s creations. Her Custom Creatures include many multi-headed inventions like the cat thing shown here. She also does a fine line in carcass art, pickled pets and jewellery made from various extremities, should you be searching for those elusive alligator […]

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Polly Morgan, fine art taxidermist


Still Life After Death (fox) (2006). Rest a Little in the Lap of Life (2005). Polly Morgan‘s work is on display at The Exquisite Corpse exhibition, Trinity Church, Marylebone Road, London, until October 19th. (No exhibition website.) Previously on { feuilleton } • Cryptozoology • Insect Lab • The art of Jessica Joslin • The […]

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