Vultures Await


From a Void City to what might be a Vulture City, this is an illustration I produced last September for San Jose psych rock band Vultures Await. I would have mentioned it sooner but the following months were very busy and I was also waiting for the band to make the artwork public. Stylistically, this is another piece of collage Surrealism à la Wilfried Sätty, an illustration approach I’d like to keep developing for a while yet. The forthcoming Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities will have more Sätty-inspired pieces, although my contributions there tend towards the decorative. There is, however, a connection between this piece and the Cephalopod Bride.

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The Haunter of the Dark


The Haunter of the Dark and Other Grotesque Visions
by HP Lovecraft, John Coulthart

Introduction and ‘The Great Old Ones’ by Alan Moore

ISBN-10: 1-902197-23-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-902-19723-4
Published 2006 by Creation Oneiros | 136 pages

Introduction by Alan Moore
The Haunter of the Dark
The Call of Cthulhu
The Dunwich Horror
The Great Old Ones: Evocations by Alan Moore
Lord Horror

The 1999 Oneiros edition redesigned and with new artwork added including a previously unpublished section of Alan Moore’s The Great Old Ones. See sample pages here.

“At its far edge, horror shades into beauty, and it is far beyond that edge that Coulthart takes us, into terrible magnificence.”
Alan Moore in the book’s introduction

“A terrific book, haunting and beautiful. That writer from Providence would have been proud…”
Neil Gaiman

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More Steampunk and the Crawling Chaos


Yes, it’s these again, and no, I’m not posting them because it Christmas (although you probably don’t believe that). This is the first opportunity I’ve had to add the designs to CafePress after letting them sit for a while seeing as they’re all still available on Modofly’s book range. I’ve had queries recently for the Steampunk designs as poster prints so these are now available in the usual CafePress sizes of large, small and mini. There’s also a range of CafePress t-shirts, and if you’d like one of those they have a bewilderingly extensive choice. The four pieces are:

Steampunk | CafePress shop
Steampunk Redux | CafePress shop
Steampunk: Life in Our New Century! | CafePress shop
Nyarlathotep: the Crawling Chaos | CafePress shop


While we’re on the subject of Coulthart merchandise, I haven’t mentioned that I’ve discontinued selling signed prints for the time being so CafePress is now the sole place to get a print of anything. I’ve been so busy recently that keeping up with print orders was becoming a serious problem, in addition to never having been very lucrative in the first place. CafePress has excellent printing and can produce things at a large size a lot more cheaply than I’d be able to manage. This doesn’t rule out signed prints altogether but in future they’ll probably be strictly limited editions, signed and numbered. Any developments along those lines will be announced here.

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New Modofly books


Steampunk: Life in Our New Century!

I’m behind on work updates again. Still being very productive on a range of different fronts—mostly book and CD design as usual—but the workload means that site updates tend to suffer. Anyway…

This new Steampunk illustration was a quick piece done at the weekend to accompany an article Jeff VanderMeer is writing. The collage came out better than expected considering it was pretty much slammed together in an afternoon. Coincidentally, the same weekend there was a request from Modofly for new designs to adorn their range of bespoke notebooks. The last Modofly design I produced was also a Steampunk one (depicting Jeff’s Steampunk formula) so I quickly worked this up into a new book design. I’ve also slightly reworked the Nyarlathotep design done earlier this year so it fits Modofly’s book format. When I get the time I’ll be making some Cafepress products from these designs; I’d like to see both of them as posters for a start.

Update: Jeff’s article, which includes two of my illustrations, is now posted here.

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Steampunk framed
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Professor Pepper’s Ghosts


Professor Pepper’s Ghosts, c. 1885.

From a page of old theatrical posters. A poster from the Egyptian Hall in London, home to regular performances by celebrated conjuror John Nevil Maskelyne, appears in the background of my Nyarlathotep picture.

For a contemporary explanation of Pepper’s Ghost, look here. Thanks to Thom for the tip!

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