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Over the rainbow


Today is the 30th anniversary of the first appearance of the rainbow flag at a gay pride event. Gilbert Baker designed the flag which was used for the 1978 Gay Freedom Parade in—where else?—San Francisco and he talked to The Independent last week about its legacy. Baker’s original design can be seen below, with the […]

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Robert Rauschenberg, 1925–2008


Retroactive I (1964). My youthful enthusiasm for art acquainted me with the name of Robert Rauschenberg (who died two days ago) earlier than most. Surrealism and Pop Art held an appeal that was immediate, if rather superficially appreciated at the time, and it was seeing works from both those movements which were the most memorable […]

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The art of ejaculation


left: Sperman (2007) by Cary Kwok; right: Here Cums the Spider (2007) by Cary Kwok. NSFW, as if you need to be told. It’s almost a commonplace of contemporary art that there are so many artists around today, producing such a volume of work, that any newcomer (as it were) has to find a niche […]

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Jasper Johns


Left: Handprint (1964). Bull’s-Eyes and Body Parts: It’s Theater, From Jasper Johns By HOLLAND COTTER New York Times, February 2, 2007 WASHINGTON — Art and crass are all but inseparable. So it’s no surprise to find an exhibition that brings together a record number of Jasper Johns’s famous target paintings being bankrolled by Target. You […]

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Michael Petry’s flag


Monument to an Unknown Soldier: Portrait of an American Patriot (detail) by Michael Petry. American artist Michael Petry has made works in the past using freshwater pearls threaded on sheets of black velvet. Viewers can admire the pearls then be disconcerted when given the additional information that the shapes they make are derived from those […]

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